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Bi-Fold Door Installation

Bi-Fold Door Installation

Brighten Your Summer with Dorset Bi-Fold Doors

The client wanted easy access to their large rear patio on warm days and evenings. We suggested a 2 pane bi-fold door to meet his requirements. Mr Roberts had a great area to entertain guests on his spacious patio, however, the existing patio door was difficult to operate and was relatively small, so he approached our home improvements experts for a solution.

We suggested the installation of a 2 pane bi-fold door, because it would serve the dual function of creating an airy opening for better ventilation in the home on a hot day as well as providing easy access to between his home and patio.


Ease of use was one of the main specifications for this project, which is why we ensured that the 2 pane bi-fold doors we selected were easy to operate for the convenience of our client. We also matched the bi-fold door colour to the existing window frames for seamless integration with the existing décor.

Mr Roberts was delighted with his new bi-fold doors, which gave him the access to his patio he was after and helped brighten up the back of his home.

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