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Composite Windows

Composite Windows

Composite Windows Bournemouth Deserves

You’ve heard of composite doors, but now Swain & Rands can bring the new high-performance, energy-efficient, composite windows in to your home! The composite windows Dorset receive from us are of the highest quality and completed at the lowest cost. Our objective is to put our clients first.

As with all our products composite windows are available in a huge range of styles and specifications. These pre-fabricated frames combine exterior cladding (usually aluminium) with a wooden core. The result? A durable window with an unparalleled low maintenance finish that keeps the aesthetic charm of wood internally.

  The Basics of Composite Windows and our services

The low-maintenance aspect of these windows has obvious benefits, reducing the amount of time and money spent replenishing frames every few years. Of particular interest to those clients who want to create a certain architectural style e.g. with an external finish in aluminium. The aluminium benefit is also particularly beneficial to those living in costal regions where the salt air can cause big problems.

Incorporating engineered timber (usually hardwood or softwood) inside the framework means there is no longer a need to have a thermal break, something other windows must have, but thanks to timber being a natural insulator composite frames are easily capable of meeting high energy efficiency levels; a blessing for anyone looking to cut those heating bills down to size.


Swain and Rands Composite Windows are composed of differing types of materials to combine the advantages of each both in the construction and aesthetically. Swain and Rands offers the high quality you want, but we keep the windows cheap for Bournemouth and all other areas our clients are based.

These go great with the composite doors Bournemouth firm Swain and Rands offer. We offer many promises to our clients and do not disappoint on any. As can be seen from our scores ranging from Which? trusted traders to Checkatrade, everyone is pleased with what we do.

When it comes to windows there are so many companies that promise high standards but fail to deliver. We always recommend you read the reviews carefully. We have almost 100% on all reviews for a reason.