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Reduce the cost of your energy bill

Winter is here and so are frosty mornings and chilly nights! Keeping your home warm can be a tricky task and with energy prices at an all-time peak, keeping your energy consumption to an absolute minimum is a priority for many. Help to keep your energy bills

Double Glazing: Is it time for new windows?

On the surface, spending money on double glazing can appear dull or wasteful - particularly at this time of year! However, with the excessive costs incurred when your windows fail and heating your home becomes a constant battle, suddenly that extra cost is a worthy inv

Get value for money from your own conservatory

A common problem for homeowners that own a conservatory is that during its initial installation it was not built with high-quality insulation benefits, which is a must in modern conservatories to prevent extreme temperatures during the summer and winter. Swain and R

One in four over-65’s investing in double glazing for retirement

It has been discovered that, on average, over-65’s invest £10,400 on home improvements, whilst one in eight plan to spend as much as £20,000 in order to make their home suitable for retirement. This is spent on an array of additions and alterations to th

How to make your conservatory warmer

We understand that a conservatory is a big investment for your home, so you want it to be comfortable to use all year-round, even during the chilliest winter evenings. No conservatories have an infinite lifespan, so if you’ve started to notice unpleasant draught or l