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Reach energy efficiency targets with double glazing

Energy efficiency has become an increasingly frequent demand for potential home buyers and will reach new levels of importance from April 2018, when it will become illegal for landlords to rent out a property with a poor energy efficiency rating. Home owners could also

What to consider before buying a new conservatory

There is no one-size fits all answer to pricing a conservatory or orangery, as there are numerous factors such as size, material and glazing that will affect this. However, many people rush into the construction of a conservatory without considering all aspects of the

Have you heard of the Spitfire S-500 door range?

Have you been searching for a modern and high-quality front door but finding it hard to find an exact match to your vision? At Swain and Rands, we strive to provide the utmost variety in our extensive product range, and think the Spitfire S-500 door series is the perf

Chartwell Green: A great colour alternative for your new door

Are you considering the purchase of a new front door this spring? Why not choose something other than plain white and consider a colour like Chartwell Green. Chartwell Green is a fabulous choice for traditional and modern properties alike, lending a subtle and calming

Five times as many homeowners choosing to improve rather than move

New research has revealed that compared with 2013, people are five times more likely to invest in home improvements than before. It seems that rising house prices and Brexit uncertainty may be behind an increased number of people choosing home improvements such as exte