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Dorset Livin Rooms

Dorset Livin Rooms

Looking for a Low Cost Dorset Livin Room?

A Swain & Rands Livin Room in Dorset is truly the best of both worlds. Our low cost Dorset Livin Room combines the light and sky views of a conservatory with the walls and perimeter ceiling of an extension! With these components combined it creates the perfect space for anything from meditation and relaxing to a ‘full on’ family living space in your home.

The Livin Room uses the classic Ultraframe glazed roofing system at its core with an attached steel work ladder system at eaves and glazing bar positions. This is then plaster boarded and skimmed to form the ‘orangery effect’ Livin Room perimeter.

Dorset Livin Rooms

Considering adding the Livin Room to your Dorset property?

With a Swain & Rands Livin Room you can enjoy the light of a conservatory combined with the feel of an extension / orangery but at a fraction of the cost.

This type of structure creates a whole new dynamic for your Dorset property – a ‘real room/real extension’ feel. You can maintain light & space by using windows all round OR you can have super insulated columns or brick piers to further enhance that luxury, solid, feeling. The Livin Room also far surpasses the thermal efficiency of a standard conservatory, aiding the ever growing desire to reduce your energy bills.

The most popular reason, however, is without a doubt the fact that the ‘real room’ feel a Dorset Livin Room creates means more styling & furnishing options. The perimeter ceiling is also perfect for down lighters and speakers to be installed.

conservatory upgrade in brick and glass

Have you considered only replacing your conservatory roof?

We can offer our customers the chance to remove your existing, worse-for-wear, conservatory roof and replace it with the roofing systems mentioned briefly above – the LivinROOF.

The LivinROOF substantially overcomes the twin issues of the conservatory being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter by offering 0.18 U Value, which is 15 times more thermally efficient than a 16mm polycarbonate or older glass roof. Moreover, it creates a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling inside and with a stepped detail at the eaves using the Livin Room perimeter pelmet system, the perfect place for speakers or down lighters to be installed.

For those who still want an element of light through their new solid roof, the clever configurable technology allows the fitting of multiple glass panels – allowing for the possibility of incredibly unique designs, forming a beautiful extension of your property.

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