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Double Glazing Sealed Unit Repair

Double Glazing Sealed Unit Repair

Swain & Rands for top quality double glazed sealed units

Our window specialists have the facilities to cater for sealed window unit repairs. A sealed window is caused when condensation gets caught between the panes of double glazed windows. From past experience, we have found that this type of problem can cause very low visibility for our customers and if left unresolved it can become a real problem. When you're looking for cheap window repairs Dorset based Swain and Rands are the firm for you.

If you require this type of work then our technicians will be more than happy to assist and fix the problem for you within a matter of moments. As always, we guarantee that our prices will be the most competitive on the market.

Window Repairs Dorset

We will send out one of our expert technicians to survey the glass and take down the sizes of your windows. We will then order a replacement sealed unit, and then contact you to arrange the installation. We offer the window repairs Bournemouth residents deserve.

WE DO NOT ‘REPAIR’ broken down sealed units because there is no real way to repair this issue. Some companies offer a service wherein they drill a small hole into the bottom corner of the unit and then suck out the moisture from in-between the panes.

However what these companies will not tell you is that by drilling a hole in the window unit they are sucking out the pre-installed gases (argon, etc.) in the window unit. It is these gases that give the unit its A-Rating! So by losing these gases, your windows will be losing their A-Rating! They will also have to leave a ‘nipple’ in the hole they’ve created to stop more moisture entering it.

We will never carry out this approach as we do not feel it is a genuine long-term solution to the problem as it is merely prolonging the issue.

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