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Double Glazing

Double Glazing

Searching for high quality double glazing in Dorset?


Why Swain and Rands For your Dorset Double Glazing?

When it comes to double glazing companies Dorset based Swain and Rands delivers competitively priced but high quality double glazing Bournemouth residents are looking for. Windows let hot air escape which adds to increased heating bills. As heating bills continue to be the one of the biggest costs for homeowners more and more people across Dorset are looking for ways to reduce their bills.

British Gas has just announced their second increase in prices. The long term action is to upgrade to double glazed windows. This will save you money in the long term.

Window glass is usually the biggest problem however Swain and Rands uses energy-efficient A-Rated glazing units which help reduce heat loss. Double glazing Dorset to the highest standard is our aim.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing units consist of two sheets of glass with a gap in between, usually 16mm, which creates an insulating barrier to keep heat in. We make this gap even more efficient with the aid of argon gas in all our units and by only installing Low-E glass. Our units allow light and heat in, but limit how much heat can escape.

  Is it the right option for me?

Reduce energy costs
Double glazing reduces heat loss.

Comfortable temperatures
Double glazing helps to keep your home comfortable all year round and ensures more consistent internal room temperatures.

Improved security
Double glazed windows offer a standard of strength providing improved levels of home security.

Reduce UV rays
We all love to see the sun shining through our windows, but did you know that UV rays could be damaging your flooring and furniture? Double glazing helps to filter UV rays and keep their strength to a minimum, meaning that your possessions are safe once more!


Unfortunately older double glazing becomes obsolete due to inferior design and materials as well as broken double glazed window seals which causes misting-up.  Our surveyors can identify the issue you wish to rectify and can inform you of the best course of action to resolve the issues you’re experiencing.

Great Low Cost Double Glazing Window Upgrades

We are renowned for providing windows, conservatories and doors of an exceptionally high quality. We have one of the highest ratings in the UK for our services for example:- 9.92 for Checkatrade and 4.9 Which? Trusted Trader. We highly suggest you research a business thoroughly before inviting them into your home to do any works. Our testimonies speak for themselves. Nothing comes before our customers. Double glazing Bournemouth windows is what we excel at – so pick the best double glazing company that delivers high quality to do so.

Ms H double glazing Ferndown feedback – ‘I highly recommend these charming young men. From the double glazing companies Poole has I found these to be the best cost. They’re coming back soon to talk to me about a conservatory prices.’

Triple Glazing

Looking something to upgrade from double glazing? Check out our triple glazing!

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