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Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian Conservatory

Looking for and Edwardian Conservatory in Bournemouth?

Our team of property improvement specialists are one of the leading suppliers and installers of Edwardian conservatories in Bournemouth and Poole, offering quality that is second to none.There is so much choice when it comes to picking between conservatories in Dorset. This particular one takes its style and name from the Edwardian architectural period - which is well known for its elegance and sleek architectural features. The Edwardian conservatory is one of our most popular in Poole.

With their simple appearance and traditionally rectangular shape, these conservatories are renowned for being spacious and practical, making this style of conservatory the ideal choice for homes of any size or style. Contact us for your free quote today on own online form or call us on: 01202 536 422.

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An Edwardian conservatory is one of the most versatile rooms a household can have installed. Whether you use it to unwind and relax in the sun, host great dinner parties, enjoy quality family time, install a mini-gym, provide your children with a playroom, a working office space or place to grow plants, you will find that your Edwardian conservatory has an endless amount of benefits and uses.

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If you're seeking to view possible conservatories for your Poole bungalow then Swain and Rands is able to help find the right style for you - and the Edwardian conservatory style is a great choice. For Conservatories in Bournemouth there is no-one better than Swain and Rands - There's a reason our checkatrade score is 9.92!

Testimony on an Edwardian Conservatory in Dorset

Miss F approached us looking for an Edwardian conservatory Dorset style. Having given her a free quote and showing her some of our work she decided a Swain and Rands conservatory would be perfect for her. She completed one of our feedback forms with the following: 'I met with Ian and was instantly taken with his friendly way of working. I'd formed a vision of a sales man ready to sell me some double glazed windows and conservatory no matter what I said. However, he was great and i felt no pressure whatsoever! I am recommending them to everyone I know!'

The Characteristics of an Edwardian Conservatory

The focus of the Edwardian conservatory is one of lightness and airiness with more subdued lines and ornamentation.

The Edwardian conservatory is, quite simply, a conservatory with a square or rectangular shape. It aims to maximise the view of your garden area by including as little detail on the windows as possible.

However, much like the Victorian style conservatory, the Edwardian conservatory also has a pitched roof with an apex. On top of the apex of the roof is typically a set of ridges that look like a crown, however this ‘cresting’ is an optional extra and we have several styles available to choose from.

edwardian from the inside

Why should I choose an Edwardian style conservatory?

The main benefit of the Edwardian conservatory is its square design which maximises the available space, whilst adding light to your home. The clean-cut lines of the structure and clear glass windows offer a simple yet effective appearance, allowing you to make a feature of your garden area all year round.

Why Swain and Rands For Your New Edwardian Conservatory?

We put you first - it is as simple as that. We have amazing customer satisfaction scores because we do what's best for you to an outstanding standard. So many firms inflate the original price to offer an insane discount. When a firm says 80% off does it not sound a bit too good to be true? They're either cutting corners, using cheaper materials or making these prices up off the tops of their heads. When we offer a discount it's a real one. When we say it's high quality it means it is. So if you're wondering Wondering the real conservatory prices in Bournemouth contact us now for your no obligation free quote or call us on: 01202 536 422.

Take a look at our conservatory FAQs for answers to the most asked questions.