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French Doors

French Doors

Why French Doors in Dorset?

We offer a range of doors from the UPVC front door Bournemouth customers are especially keen of to double glazed doors Dorset as a whole love. However, none are as popular as Swain and Rands' french doors.

French doors are an excellent way to let in more light and create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of your home! We offer a great selection of colours for our cheap french doors that are of the highest quality.

French doors have a very traditional feel and add a very suave look to any property - they are usually used in the doorway into a conservatory or garden instead of a modern sliding door. If you've an existing sliding door you wanted upgraded to these doors we can do that for you.

Each of our doors are bespoke, suited to your home to ensure they fit perfectly. Our French doors improve your security as well as improve your home's look.

Why Swain and Rands for your French Doors?

Swain and Rands ensure the prices of our french doors are competitive whilst still providing a high quality product and service.  We are renowned for providing windows, conservatories and doors of an exceptionally high quality. We have one of the highest ratings in the UK for our services:- 9.92 for Checkatrade, 4.9 Which? Trusted Trader, etc. We highly recommend you research a company thoroughly before inviting them into your home.


Check out some examples of Swain and Rands' previous door installations from across Bournemouth, Poole, Ferndown and Christchurch below and in our gallery. We can't upload all our pictures - but we update them with our most recent ones when we can!

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