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Gable Front Conservatory

Gable Front Conservatory

Low Cost Gable Front Conservatories

Our team of property improvement specialists are one of the leading suppliers and installers of gable front conservatories in Bournemouth and Poole, offering quality that is second to none. These upgrades are renowned for their impressive aesthetics, namely their height and entirely glazed structure. If you're looking for a low cost gable front conservatory Bournemouth residents everyone will envy? Swain and Rands can help.

What is a Gable Front Conservatory?

A gable-end conservatory is a square or rectangular building, exactly like a standard Georgian conservatory. This gives you maximum space to design the interior of your new gable-end conservatory. The gable front of the conservatory adds style and also allows for maximum natural light coming into the room, while the height of the room gives a good feeling of space. The gable roof design provides a grand impact both inside and out, often referred to as the sunburst effect, due to it resembling a sunrise.

The reason for this rise in popularity mainly stems from the fact that the amount of space that can be utilised within a gable front is unrivalled. The high roof on the conservatory allows for an illusion of more space than there is. This style of conservatory can come in a wide range of finishes and colours. This is one of Swain and Rands most popular conservatories in Poole.


A Gable Front conservatory is one of the most versatile rooms a household can have installed. Whether you use it to unwind and relax in the sun, host fun dinner parties, enjoy family time, install a gym, provide your children with a playroom, a working office space or place to grow plants - you will find that your Gable Front conservatory has an endless amount of benefits and uses. Additionally, many estate agents have confirmed that installing one of our Gable Front conservatory will help boost the value of your home.

As with all of our conservatories, gable front conservatories offer the opportunity for a fully glazed roof which allows for extra light in your home, plus stunning views of the sky on clear nights and sunny days. As well as a choice of roof materials, gable front conservatories are also available with a full-height brick wall for those who would prefer to provide a seamless transition between their existing property and the conservatory itself. We've recently had a spike with many customers wanting such conservatories for their bungalows in Poole - so it's definitely one to discuss with Swain and Rands.

Best Prices From Day One

Swain & Rands offer a variety of home improvement services - our cheap gable front conservatories Dorset residents are highly recommending are definitely worth reviewing. We also updrade areas including: Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wimborne, Poole and more. We provide our customers with peace of mind; knowing that every project is completed professionally and efficiently.

Wondering the conservatory prices in Dorset? Contact us now for your no obligation free quote or call us on: 01202 536 422

Why Swain and Rands?

We have an undisputed level of quality and great value for the service we provide:- 9.92 for Checkatrade rating, 4.9 Which? Trusted Trader score, etc. We highly recommend you research a company thoroughly before inviting them into your home.

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