6th June 2018

2 Home Improvements That Will Help Cut £100 Off Your Energy Bills

Energy bills can cost you hundreds of pounds each year but is your home as energy efficient as it could be? Here are 2 home improvements that could save you money.

Britain is filled with plenty of old homes that, whilst beautiful, are often outcompeted by modern homes in thermal efficiency. Period features such as a lack of cavity walls, single pane windows and old drafty doors could be cutting into your bank account much more than necessary. Here’s how you can potentially cut your energy bills by a hundred pounds:

Invest in double glazing

Double glazed windows were invented in the 1930’s but didn’t really take off in UK homes until the 1980’s. This means that if your home is over 30 years old you may not have double glazing  installed. Making the switch from single pane to A rated double glazed windows in your detached house could save you up to £155 a year and up to £55 in a mid-floor flat according to figures released by Therefore, if you are amongst the 7% of homes with no double glazing at all, it may well be time to consider replacement windows!

Stop draughts with a new front door

Draughts and cold spots caused by gaps around your windows and front door will make your home feel much cooler, causing you to spend more on your heating than you would otherwise. Draught-proofing around old windows and doors will save you around £25-£35 a year and is easy to do yourself using DIY tools. Alternatively, investing in a new composite door or uPVC front door will increase the security of your home whilst also creating a more well-insulated entrance for years to come.

Are you looking to cut your energy bills by improving your home with new double glazing orcomposite door front door? We are leading suppliers and installers of home improvements in Dorset and Hampshire. Get in touch with your enquiries today on 01202 536422.


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