15th December 2017

Time to consider triple glazing?

During the colder months of the year, we naturally spend a lot more on our heating bills to combat the winter chill. Whilst double glazing is certainly more energy saving than single pane windows, there’s always room to save even more money on your energy bills by installing triple glazing in your home.

Triple glazing windows take the benefits of double glazing windows to a higher level, making it an excellent long term investment for any property:

Save even more on heating bills
Our triple glazing is super-efficient, trapping heat inside your home and letting minimal amounts escape. This is all down to the inclusion of a third window pane combined with thermal insulation properties which collaboratively work together to trap even more heat inside your home.

Less noise from the outside
An extra window pane creates an extra sound barrier between the interior of your home and the outside. If you live on a busy road and are tired of the sound of cars keeping you up at night, or are just tired of hearing everything going on outside your front door, then triple glazing is the perfect solution to reducing noise pollution in your home.

Eliminate cold spots
If you ignore your window glazing but the rest of your home is well-insulated, it will result in cold patches surrounding your windows at night and condensation, as they are where most of the heat in your home tends to escape. It’s important to keep your insulation consistent throughout your home to avoid this and triple glazing is the most efficient method.

Better security
The inclusion of a third pane of glass makes it even harder for objects to shatter your window or for people to enter your home, meaning that triple glazing is even more effective at keeping your home safe.

If you are interested in triple glazing for your home, we can help! As one of Dorset’s leading home improvement experts, our extensive experience of specialising in doors, windows and conservatories is what helps us provide the outstanding service we do each and every day. For high quality, affordable home improvements in your area, contact our team on 01202 536422.


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