22nd November 2017

Double Glazing: Is it time for new windows?

On the surface, spending money on double glazing can appear dull or wasteful - particularly at this time of year! However, with the excessive costs incurred when your windows fail and heating your home becomes a constant battle, suddenly that extra cost is a worthy investment.

Is it time for you to have your double glazed windows replaced? Our replacement window specialists share the low-down on things to look out for:

The window frame is beginning to rot
Even the most high quality double glazing will eventually perish. As your windows age, you might notice that the frame begins to rot. As well as being an eyesore, this also poses a potential security risk to your home as your window frames become weak and brittle - time to get them replaced!

You've noticed condensation between the glass
Double glazed windows provide such a high level of efficiency by holding a layer of gas between two glass panes, which helps to keep your home warm. Small gaps in the window seal mean that the gas will have been allowed to escape and in turn, your windows are showing condensation. Struggling to keep your home warm these days? New double glazing could be the answer.

The window doesn't seem secure in its frame
When you stand by your windows, do you notice draughts even when they're closed? Do they rattle in the wind? If either of these issues are the case, it's likely that your window is not securely fitted within the window frame and as a result, you could be paying more than you should for your energy bills. For increased energy efficiency, and peace of mind that your windows are as secure as can be, replacement double glazing is the solution for you.

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