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Orangery Installation

Orangery Installation

Low Cost Orangery Installation

Mr and Mrs Church wanted to update their home and garden, as their existing Victorian conservatory with poly roof was beginning to look dated. We suggested converting the conservatory into a modern orangery to give their home the refreshing new appearance they were after.

We achieved this by squaring off the shape with new brick walls and installing a new sky lantern in the roof. We also installed both large and small windows to ensure maximum natural light into the space. Due to the increase in size, the edge of the orangery wall touching the house had to be cut around a bay window. We installed steel lintels so that we could do this.

Orangery Installation before and after

One fault with their old conservatory was how enclosed it was, as it didn’t allow direct access to the garden. We rectified this problem with the installation of a new bi-fold door, which not only provides easy access to the garden, but opens out the space entirely.

As you can see by the before and after images above, the difference is phenomenal, and our clients were extremely pleased with their new modern orangery.

Orangery Installation roof before and after

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