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Replacement Conservatory Roof

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Low Price Replacement Conservatory Roof

One of our many specialities is the replacement of Glass, Poly-carbonate and or Solid Conservatory Roof.

Conservatories, as with most things in life, do actually have a lifespan. But the overall lifespan of your structure can often be prolonged by having the existing conservatory roof removed and replaced with a new, upgraded model. Whether you choose a Glass Roof or a Solid Tiled Roof, we can help give your conservatory a new lease of life meaning it can be enjoyed for many more years to come. We complete such replacement conservatory roof upgrades in Bournemouth, Poole and through Dorset as a whole.

Change to a Solid Conservatory Roof

Is your existing conservatory roof looking tired? If you have an older structure and want to replace your conservatory roof with something more permanent, we would recommend a Solid Conservatory Roof. A new solid roof will provide you with a comfortable space, in both the summer and winter, that acts like an extension of your home. This type of roof is a long-term investment and will add value through the addition of a new room.

Dorset Roofing Repairs

If your conservatory leaks or is in need of repair then we can provide you with the re-vamp that you need. We appreciate that the replacement of a conservatory roof can be slightly daunting; however, we have made sure that our technicians can tailor their services to every customer’s needs and budgets.

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Replacing your conservatory roof is also the perfect excuse to upgrade the structure as a whole. This can be done in several ways, one of which is installing the new LivinRoof – Which makes the conservatory resemble more of an extension.

We also often get asked if we can merely remove the existing Polycarbonate sheets, and replace them with glass. This is sometimes possible, and our surveyors are more than happy to look into this option for you. We treat every job as it comes which helps us to further tailor our services to you and your conservatory.

Why choose Swain & Rands?

At Swain & Rands, we like to know that our customers are being taken care of and that they are truly receiving the best value for money and customer service around, this is why we independently guarantee and insurance back ALL our work.

If you are now looking up at your existing conservatory roof and imagining what it would look like with a new lease of life, perhaps it’s time to give us a call? For more info on any of the replacement conservatories in Dorset and the range of styles we offer, contact us today on 01202 536 422.