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Window & Door installation

Window & Door installation

Burneatt Family Dorset Window and Door Upgrade

Our team were contacted by the Burneatt family in March 2018 who wanted to transform their new property and give it a new lease of life. The client wanted a new front door and windows for the property as they were making the exterior look weathered and outdated.

During the consultation, our team recommended that a new composite door and replacement windows would be the best option for the client. We recommended an Endurance composite door as they are becoming more popular with clients due to their durable nature. The Endurance door is in the style Fuji and in the colour Schwarz Braun Black, that gives an impressive look to the house.

The new replacement windows brightly modernise the property, and the double glazing will save money on energy bills too. Double glazing keeps the inside of properties warm due to their two sheets of glass that’s surrounding a layer of argon gas. This is ideal for our client as their new home won’t feel drafty or cold, the Low-E energy efficient windows will help keep external noise and temperature out of the property.

After completion of the project on the 15th of March 2018, the Burneatt family said they were very happy with the outcome our their home’s renovation. The high-quality windows have retained the heat inside their home efficiently, so they have already saved money on their heating bills. Their front door now provides a warm welcome to the property, with more sturdiness and security than their previous door. The project was finished on time and within budget.

Everything we do at Swain & Rands is focused around our core business values:

  • To offer the best products available, at the most competitive prices possible.
  • To never use ‘Hard Sell’ tactics, or other negative forms of service that have become stereotypical of this industry, but to let the product and service we offer do the selling for us.
  • To never be beaten on customer service / care.

These promises are the driving force behind the company and all its staff & representatives. We truly do things differently. It is because of these clear values and promises that we make sure to be recognised by the industry leading accreditation companies. From Which? Trusted Traders to HomePro, our independent insurance company, we meet their strict criteria and get their accreditation as a reward.

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