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Slowly but surely the popularity of Super-efficient Triple Glazing is booming! The ever-growing list of benefits for Triple Glazing includes them being even more energy efficient than modern double glazing. The thermal insulation benefits come into action through the additional layer of glass and additional argon gas-filled cavity.

Below are three of the main reasons to consider having triple glazing installed in your home:

    1. Use less energy and save even more on heating bills – Triple Glazing traps warmth from natural daylight and invites it into your home, whilst only letting a little escape again – meaning your home stays warm both day and night! All this creates a window that massively exceeds the current maximum A-Rated window, achieving the maximum rating possible: A+.
    2. Maximum comfort – Ever had a problem with those annoying cold spots in your house? The thermal efficiency of Triple Glazing ensures these cold spots are a thing of the past. As an additional option Triple Glazing can also be optimised to deliver excellent acoustic performance – minimalizing noise levels from the outside!
    3. Enhanced security – The extra pane of glass in Triple Glazing provides greater security for your home, making it even more unlikely for an object to penetrate through all three layers; meaning even stronger glass for your home.

Want to try before you buy? Give our window design tool a go to see which window style suits your property!

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Swain & Rands - Triple Glazed Windows
Swain & Rands - Triple Glazed Windows

Dorset Triple Glazing Window Providers

Triple Glazing is a well-established product throughout Europe, and its popularity in the UK is rapidly growing. Windows are one of the most exposed parts of your home, and it’s due to this that the Energy Saving Trust predict up to 26% of domestic heat loss escapes through them. Installing the most energy efficient glass possible is a must if you’re trying to cut those bills down to size.

If you would like to learn more about triple glazing or want to receive a free quote for installing triple glazing into your home contact us today on 01202 536422 or take a look at our window FAQs.


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